Particulars of major works FY 2014-15


Sl. No. Name of major work Contracting agency Value of work (Rs. In crores) Amount utilized during the year
Likely time of completion Target date of completion
  Water supply improvements  
1  Sump & Bore at SC. Colony  Mayuri Constructions  0.165 Completed  Dec-2013  31-12-2013
2  Sump & Bore at Teachers Colony  Mayuri Constructions  0.19  Completed  Dec-2013  31-12-2013
3 Sump & Bore at Kotla veedhi Mayuri Constructions 0.19 Completed  Dec-2013  31-12-2013
4 Sump & Bore at Thupptrala Mayuri Constructions 0.27 Completed  Dec-2013  31-12-2013
  Major Road works    
1  CC. Road at Telugu Peta  Gallanna Contractor  Completed  
2  CC. Road at SC Colony  Gallanna Contractor  Completed  
3 CC. Road at Santha Bazar Gallanna Contractor Completed
4 CC. Road at Pardipuram Gallanna Contractor Completed
5 CC. Road at Bharath Nagar Gallanna Contractor Completed
Major drain works  
1   CC Drain from Anjaneya Swami Temple to Maddigunta  Gallanna Contractor  Completed  
2  CC Drain in Kotla veedhi  Gallanna Contractor  Completed  
3 CC Drain in  SC Colony Gallanna Contractor Completed
4 CC Drain in  Back Side of Church Gallanna Contractor Completed
Major building works        
1  Nagara panchayath Office